Designer John Eshaya originated his JET collection in California in 1987. JET is and has always been a marriage of street and runway, leading and inspiring individual style. John has always been inspired by New York; the people, the city, the art, and the culture continually draw him back. JET has exhibited its collections in New York since 2000. Now, as an extension of the JET lifestyle and in consideration of the active, fast-paced, modern lifestyle of Manhattan, John wanted to propose a chic, clean collection that spoke of an East Coast sensibility and sophistication. Different materials and silhouettes add to the creative transformation of an urban-savvy JET. Spring 2015 heralds a new collection and viewpoint for JET with love and support of our Tokyo creative team. This is JET NEW YORK.


Balance / 相反するものではないが、本来異なる要素をその時の感性に合わせて、調和させること。


URBAN TRANQUILITY / 都会の中の自然、但し手つかずなものではなく、調和を考えて設計されたもの

keyword / urban, relax, geometric, natural (not nature but mind)